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Welcome to Strategic Brew

Strategic Brew simulates real-life challenges facing the strategist. In this simulation, you are in charge of running one of five competing beer breweries. All five breweries (Alewife, Beacon, Cedar, Deer, and Essex) have access to the same set of potential customers. You are handed the company reins in the first quarter of 2016 (Y2016 Q1) and are responsible for making decisions that will shape your business.

The simulation progresses in rounds, with each round corresponding to a period of three months (i.e., a quarter). Each round, you must make choices on a number of functional areas (product design, capacity, manufacturing, advertising). Your choices, as well as those of your rivals, will determine the attractiveness of your beer(s), your market share, cost position, and profits.

The objective of the simulation is to maximize your brewery’s performance while operating as an ongoing business concern.

In most companies, no one tells management exactly which yardstick is used to measure performance. Stock markets and private investors aggregate many different views and measures in a somewhat opaque way. Similarly, this simulation offers several metrics from which to measure performance.

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The Interface

A brief overview of the game interface:

Next, let’s take a look at the game menu. There are 9 items which will take you to separate pages.

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Choices Available to Breweries in Each Round

In each round, breweries have the following choices at their disposal:

Products: Capacity: Manufacturing: Advertising: Pricing: Press:

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