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  Respect the setting
Management styles vary by individual and certainly by the cultural setting that the individual comes from. My experience has been largely with French and Latin American cultures, and there are definite tendencies in terms of the management approach most often used within these cultures. It doesn't mean that there aren't wide differences—which there are—but simply that there are inherently more comfortable tendencies. If you check the literature (periodicals, etc.), you sometimes get a terrific article that talks about this question.

Understand the context
Very often I find managers in a new cultural setting have too many preconceptions about what the environment or culture is like. Often these notions are based on stereotypes. I also think it is more important than ever to hear what people are really saying because of the perhaps very different context in which the situation is occurring. I think this is true for any new position, in the sense that very often companies have their own culture. It is important to hear what people are really saying given the company context.