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My transition was helped greatly by several sources. In my time as VP I had seen just how much time was spent by a good CEO in "managing" outside board members and investors. I also had been in a business with similar financial (cash management) needs and even the same venture capital players. This provided an important sounding board in the early transition. I found our counsel to be very helpful in providing insight about shareholders and agreements and perhaps most useful, we have a key strategic alliance/shareholder who opened up functional assistance (Finance/HR/second opinion counsel) at key moments.

Rely on outside experts (salespeople) when learning about new functional areas if you don't have the expertise in-house. Their job is to educate their customers. Let them. Everything has been done before by someone else. Use this to your advantage.

Talking to customers (Dale Hamby)
You will ALWAYS learn something from a customer. I made a point of visiting all of our sales districts within my first six months and met with most of our big customers. Some of my best ideas came from these interactions.